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Hide-and-Seek, the Game Favored by Children

Hide-and-Seek, the Game Favored by Children

People in childhood have a great time playing all kinds of games. Hide-and-seek may be the most popular of those games. A lots of people have heard of it and know how to play. But why it is a good game for children?Today, let's enter the hide-and seek world.

What's Hide-and-Seek

the game of hide-and-seek

According to britannica, the game of hide-and-seek originated in Greece in the 2nd century and appears to be equivalent the game apodidraskinda described by a Greek scholar named Julius Pollux. Through there are different versions around the world, to sum up the basic form, one player covers his eyes and counts, while the other players look for the best hiding spots. When the count is over, it's time for hiders to stay hidden and keep quiet because they know they are being sought by the seeker. Once a hider is found by the seeker, he will be out of the game. It is a very simple game but it stimulate the vitality of children

Advantages of Hide-and-Seek

1.Develop problem-solving skills

At the beginning, the kids may not good at hiding or seeking. They have no good idea to find the best hiding spot or imagine where are the hiders. After through several turns, to win the game, they keep coming up with better ideas, then their problem-solving skills are improved. 

2. Learn some social skills

The game needs at least two kids to involve in, so the kids will communicate with each other during the game. The game makes them closer to each other, so it's easy to make friends. When kids have new friends, they will learn social skills naturally.

3.Valuable physical benefits

The time to find a hiding spot is limited, so the hiders must run fast. Once the game starts, children will never get bored, so they will run and run in the game, which can enhance their endurance and help muscle development.

Hide and Seek with Kids Walkie Talkies

hide and seek with RT388 walkie talkies

"Mama, where are you?" "Manisha, I'm here." The little girl, Manisha, was playing hide-and-seek with her mother. Her mother was hiding behind a tree and talking to Manisha on the walkie-talkie. At first, Manisha was a little confused, "Where is my mother?" Later, she heard her mother's voice through the walkie-talkie in her hand. Finally, she found her mother from behind a tree. She had won the game! The walkie talkie they played with was rechargeable RT388 PLUS with full function. This walkie talkie is not only very pretty but also good for family games. With multi-color, it is a good idea as a gift for boys and girls.

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