RT45 Top Rated Walkie Talkies for Families Outdoor/Indoor

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RT45 Top Rated Walkie Talkies for Families Outdoor/Indoor

1, Go Safely & Keep the family together Simple

2, Compact and easy-to-use by the entire family.

3, Top Rated Walkie Talkies for Families

4, The perfect way to stay in touch when out and about, whether at the playground, hiking in the park or enjoying a picnic.

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Retevis RT45 Top Rated Walkie Talkies for Families Outdoor/Indoor

1, RT45 walkie talkie for families with unique rubber material that can resist long-term friction; Even if accidentally dropped naturally, it can have a good performance.

2, LCD screens and bright flashlights has a good performance at night.

3, The large keyboard is very easy to operate and use, very suitable for beginners and adults.

4, Baby Monitor: Retevis RT45 has the Room Monitor function, when family outside for camping or indoor, this walkie talkies can be the baby monitor to help you.

5, US version Outdoor walkie talkies RT45 comes with the NOAA weather channels, keep you infored of the latest weather conditions

More features:

1, LCD Screen Display

2, Room Monitor

3, 10 group calling tone

4, Multiple charging Ways

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Different Angle for Retevis RT45 Top Rated walkie talkies for families






Package includes:

2 x RT45 Walkie Talkies for Families

2 x Belt clip

6 x AA batteries

1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable

1 x Adapter

1 x User manual


Retevis RT45 Top Rated Walkie Talkies for Families Outdoor/Indoor

Retevis RT45 Entry Level Outdoor license-free two-way radios

Keep in touch with your friend or your family during Outdoor Activities: like a trip, a hike, or a fun weekend camping in the countryside.


The ABS+TPE materials,provide you the best touch.

AA Rechargeable NiMH battery+ 2 in 1 charging line, make it easier to use.

121 (38 CTCSS+83DCS) privacy codes, make it safer to communicate with others.

Room Monitor help you use RT45 as a baby listener even when you are at your neighbors for dinner!

Feature :

Adjustment volume level

Call tone (10 sets of call sounds to select )

Keyboard lock (long press SEL)

Low battery alarm

VOX function



Room Monitor

Channel Monitor

Channel Scan

TOT (180s)

Dual Watch

Roger Beep

Model RT45
Radio type Handheld
Technological regimes Analog
Frequency band FRS&PMR446
Frequency range N/A
Memory Channel 8CH/22CH
RF Power 0.5W
Operating Temperature N/A
Operating Voltage N/A
Battery 3 x “AA” batteries
Size 175*55*29MM
Antenna onnector No
Antenna Impedance 50 ohm
Accessory onnector No
Features Display, VOX, Monitor, Scanning
Other parameters N/A

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