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About Factory

1. Firstly, we have passed the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit Report Version!

A: Our factory's protection and responsibility for workers, such as: No using child labor, no discrimination and oppression of workers, no using prison workers, workers have their freedom, etc. we have met the ILO and China Requirements of labor laws and regulations.
B: Our factory's environmental responsibility, such as: Health, safety, fire protection and others, which could ensure that the working environment of workers is safe, and does not endanger health.

2. Secondly, we could gurrantee "products quality inspection audit"!

Complying with the ISO9001 standard, our products are CE, FCC, IC, ROHS certified, as well as EN71, EN6211, BSCI, ICS, etc. Supporting your custom certificated requirements. We also have a set of effective and feasible quality management system in the factory to ensure that the products produced by the factory are qualified, and can be shipped on time, Including the production capacity, equipment of the factory, and the production efficiency of employees are assured. We have the ability to complete your order by quality and quantity on time.

3. Finally, we have a solid safety audit!

Our factory has a set of safety control procedures to ensure the safety of export cargo transportation and use. From the safety of personnel at the factory, data security, cargo handling, loading and unloading safety, etc., to prevent flammable, explosive, dangerous goods from entering the finished package, directly transported to the port, causing potential threats and safety hazards to the society and the public.

By joining us, you can safely sell your products all over the world, and reduce the negative effects of consumer complaints caused by your products. Let's work together to make your customers trust you more!


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