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OEM/ODM manufacturing

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) term refers to the items themselves are designed by one company and the OEM won the license to produce the products, they'll sell the items to the company that needs the items.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) term refers to the Importer will select the already-existed product design from a factory. They use their brand name to sell the products by labeling the products or use specific package to makes the products could be recognized as their brand products.

Retevis Kids has been a pioneer in designing, R&D, and manufacturing walkie-talkies toys and communication products, providing OEM services with high quality products for more than 14 years. All your requirements and ideas are professionally done by Retevis Kids and you will be satisfied.

Retevis Kids also brings the most reliable OEM-ODM kids walkie talkies products. With ODM we cater to the foreign market and retail products.


Application of Modern Technology

Our factory system is modern with closed production lines that meet international standards. Modern Technology also assist us to work faster, saving a bunch of cost, time, and raw materials.The outputs are selected carefully, and product packaging, as well as delivery stages are been given high attention.


Modern Factory and Professional Staff

Our talented team consists of seasoned professionals. The staff are all high-skilled and have a good mindset of quality products. Each Retevis Kids team member has their own expertise: from innovative designers to versatile technicians to , all of them are committed to making high-quality and safe products.



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