RT628 Camouflage Walkie Talkies Long Range Kid Army Toys for Outdoor Adventure

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RT628 Camouflage Walkie Talkies Long Range Kid Army Toys for Outdoor Adventure

Camouflage color outdoor adventure walkie talkie
Suitable for 7+ boys
Full function, simple operation
Role playing and camping activities
The best holiday gifts for kids

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Retevis RT628 Camouflage Walkie Talkies Long Range Kid Army Toys for Outdoor Adventure

1, Retevis RT628 Camouflage Walkie Talkies designed for the kids camping or family traveling

RT628 Camouflage

2, Offers many features, help the children to enjoy their outdoor adventure or indoor communication


Belt Clip And Package:

RT628-11.jpgRT628Plus Outdoor charging adventure walkie talkieRT628 Camouflage Walkie TalkiesOne of the best selling toy walkie-talkies

Suitable for 7+ boysLong Range Kid Army Toys

Retevis RT628Plus Outdoor charging adventure walkie talkie

  • Retevis RT628 Camouflage Walkie Talkies: 

--3 AA batteries(not included)

--The secret button help you take off the battery cover and install the battery, then it can keep the safety.

--You can order the rechargeable battery, and it can use for a long time.

--In addition, there is s secret button on the belt, push it and then you can take off the belt clips.

  • Great gift for kids, Long Range Kid Army Toys for Outdoor Adventure

  • 1, VOX function

    Release your hands so you can communicate with family and friends while you are busy with other things.

2, Keyboard lock

If you're worried about your child losing channel communication due to improper operation,The keyboard lock function can be turned on before playing to prevent channel loss and maintain communication.

3, LCD display

Easy to operate, whether it is day or night, your children can use it, which provides you with great convenience in a dark environment.

4, 10 call tones

10 call tones that grab the attention of your family and friends before you start speaking just like “ringtones”, call tone’s volume is adjustable.

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Frequency Range FRS/PMR446
Channel 22 FRS/16
Output power 0.5W
Color Camouflage
VOX function Yes
Channel lock Yes
LCD display including, battery status indicator Yes
Adjustable volume level Yes
Transmitting and receiving icons Yes
Channel number and scan status Yes
Monitor function Yes
Setting the double channel monitor Yes
Scanning Channels Yes
Power selection (LO/HI) Yes
Push to Talk Timeout Timer Yes
Setting and Transmitting Call Tones Yes
Setting the Sensitivity Level Yes
Setting the SQUELCH Level 1-6 Yes
Size Approx  160X55X28mm
Battery 3 x AA batteries(Not include battery)
Weight 90g/piece

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