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RT38Triple Color Long Range Kids Walkie Talkies

triple color+4 mile distance walkie talkie, perfect gift for children

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RT38 is a three-piece, long-distance walkie-talkie to help children develop intelligence and enlightenment.The ultra-thin body and curve design are easy to hold and resemble the beckoning cat pattern. Bright colors, buttons with patterns, bring visual stimulation; Scan function,22 channels, and 10 kinds of call melody tone is contribute to “super-secret”fun conversations; key lock function protects the host function from damage max range communication, Built-in VOX function is very suitable for outdoor hide-and-seek, outing camping, etc. meanwhile,Unique dual-channel monitoring function helps to play police, agents, spies and heroes;children can also get a sense of responsibility in role-playing .You will find how happy the children are when they receive the perfect gift. 

Unique dual-channel monitoring function

 The dual-channel monitoring function designed by Retevis RT38can enable children to turn on the monitoring function in role-playing and hide-and-seek games, extend the auditory feeling, cultivate observation, analysis and information acquisition capabilities, and at the same time cultivate interest in electronic products.

Ultra-thin curved body is easy to carry

The RT38 curve design is easy for children to hold and avoid slipping from the hand; the clip design is equipped with VOX function, freeing hands, convenient communication, and enhancing game fun.

10 kinds of call melondy tone

10 kinds of call melody tone allow children to choose, enhance the fun and ease the fatigue of hearing, and also can choose different communication tones by setting different channels.

22 Channel+Scan

22 channels increase the capacity of contacts, group contacts, improve communication accuracy, and scan channel function can quickly find channels and improve communication efficiency. RT38's complete and rich functions are of great benefit to children's use of adult amateur and commercial walkie-talkies.

ultra-thin body and curve design  Bright colors,

buttons with patterns, bring visual stimulation;

Scan function,22 channels, and 10 kinds of call melody tone

key lock function Built-in VOX function

Unique dual-channel monitoring function 

Receive Part

Receiving sensitivity

-119 DBM@12dB

Noise Sensitivity


Signal-to-noise ratio

68 DB

Neighborhood selectivity


Spurious Resoinse


Intermodulation Rejection


Audio output power




Launch Part

Transmitting power


Transmitting Audio Distortion


Maximum frequency deviation


 Stray radiation


Adjacent channel power


Working current

TX ≤ 350MA








Standby <80MA




Save electricity≤15MA

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