A02 Outdoor Toys Gifts Rechargeable Two Way radios Long Range

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A02 Outdoor Toys Gifts Rechargeable Two Way radios Long Range

kids walkie-talkie is easy to use

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Kids Walkie Talkies Features:

1. Long Range- The longer the range the better! Our kid walkie talkies toys can handle large areas of terrain- Up to 3 miles long transmitting range in open field and 0.5-1 mile range in residential area.

2. Privacy- Our walkie talkies for kids are equipped with 22 channel/16Channels, reinforced by Multi-Group CTCSS sub-codes so that you can minimize the likelihood of other people being able to communicate with your children by using the same frequency.

3. Earpiece Connection (Earpiece NOT Included)- Higher end kids walkie talkies often have the option for using an audio headset rather than the speaker. This is convenient when you want to wear your walkie talkie on your belt and not have to take it off to speak.

4. Voice Activation(VOX)- Voice activated transmission is performed without pressing the PTT button when VOX function is activated. You can talk with kids or friends without pressing the PTT button.

kids walkie-talkie is easy to use

kids outdoor toys can be used out of the box, one-key calling, no settings are required, which is convenient for children and their companions to play and use

Small size, compact design, drop-proof and durable

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