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Know more about your 3 years old children

Know more about your 3 years old children

If your kids is 3 years old now, maybe you need to know more about kids’ nature of this age, so that you can know how to get along with your children. 

And maybe we need to know how to choose toys for 3 years old children.

3 years old is a with imagination in full gear, they are entering a peak period for pretend play. And they love to ask questions, their questions will about everything!

In this age, you need to have fun encouraging self-expression and rich, exploratory play for increasing independent.


What do they like to play when your kids 3 years old?

In general, Boys behave like this:

    Boys love to move and does not care to be still.

    And they begin to compare and contrast himself with others.

    They can throw a ball a short distance and can catch it if it's thrown directly in his arms.

    They can make balls, sausages and figures out of play dough.

    They will shows sympathy for storybook characters.


About girls, They behave differently.

     ①Girls like dressing up or pretending she’s someone else.

     ②They are reassured to hear that people love her.

     ③ They start drawing faces and people.

     ④They squiggle begin to look like writing.

Basic ball play—like catching or kicking a ball—can improve balance and coordination.


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