5 Categories: Find the Best Walkie Talkies for Kids

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5 Categories: Find the Best Walkie Talkies for Kids

5 Categories: Find the Best Walkie Talkies for Kids

For Long Range

The long enough communication range ensures that children can not only play with the walkie talkie indoors but also use the walkie talkie in outdoor venues such as parks, playgrounds, shopping malls, etc. Retevis RT628 is an excellent choice for kids and a very popular walkie-talkie among parents. This walkie talkie can reach up to 1-1.5 kilometers long so that they can be used for outdoor activities. When used on a hilltop, it can reach up to 10 km away. Meanwhile, when used on flat land, it can reach up to 2 km.

Retevis RT628 long range walkie talkies

For Safety Calls

Walkie Talkies for kids should ensure the safety of children's calls and prevent them from being disturbed by strangers' calls. In addition, it should have functions to prevent accidental contact and prevent misuse. Retevis RT628S is a set of triple color walkie talkies for kids. These walkie talkies are designed with safety in mind, making them the perfect choice for kids who love to explore and stay connected. RT628S comes with a unique Safe Mode feature. On the channel 22 (FRS)/ channel 16 (PMR446), long press the “SAFE-M” key for 3 seconds to enter the safe mode. This ensures that the kids are safe and secure while using the device, and that the walkie talkies are used solely for their intended purpose.

Retevis RT628S Safe Mode Walkie Talkies

For Long Battery Life

The battery life of a children's walkie talkie should be long enough to ensure that children have enough playtime. Retevis RT602 is a low-power walkie-talkie and very power saving.  And the walkie-talkie has a low-battery reminder function to charge in time. In the package, there will be two pairs of li-ion batteries. And a two-way desktop charger. Once install the batteries, the walkie talkies are ready to work immediately. If your batteries are out of power, it can be charged with the desktop charger.

Retevis RT602 orange rechargeable walkie talkies

For Easy Operation

The operation of the kids walkie talkies should be simple and easy to understand, convenient for children to use. Retevis RB16/RB616 cartoon piggy walkie talkie is good for kids around 3 years old. With two colors in cartoon style, the lovely piggy walkie talkie has a soft nose to press as a PTT button.  Just push the nose to talk, it is the simple operation for kids to use. Children will also get cute stickers which can be used for decorating everything they like. Mom and dads can decorate with children, which is a good way to enhance parent-child interaction.


For Cute Appearance

For kids walkie talkies, appearance design is also very significant. They should attract children's attention and, at the same time, be Powerful without being too fancy so that it lasts. Retevis RT36 walkie talkie transforms and upgrades the appearance, choose the robot shape that children like. Its LCD display can change as seven different backlight colors. And it is also a rechargeable walkie talkie supplied with a USB cable.


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