Christmas Event Part 1-What to buy your son for Christmas Retevis Kids

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Christmas Event Part 1-What to buy your son for Christmas

Christmas Event Part 1-What to buy your son for Christmas

Welcome to open today's Christmas event. We are going to talk about what are worthy Christmas gifts to buy your son? Christmas gifts for your girls will be discussed in the next blog. Let's move to today's topic.

RT34 Video Walkie Talkies

So small they are but have very nice sound and video quality. This is the one children want to play with the most. They have a LED light on the bottom. So the kids love using it to go hide and talk to each other. They also have a very thick cover over the screen so you don't need to worry about kids cracking the screen. The best thing is children can take this radio to go out while parents can keep real-time watching to make sure children's safety. Enjoy your warm family time in winter.

Best Pros: Robot appearance and Video enabled

christmas gifts for boys-RT34

R628 Multi-Color Walkie Talkies

RT628 is named the best children's walkie talkie in 2021 due to its durability, long battery life and rechargeable function. With larger battery capacity, RT628 walkie talkies will have longer standby time. Equipped with a 2 in 1 USB charging cable, so you can charge 2 RT628 walkie talkies at the same time. You are able to lock the channel button, perfect for children's little fingers that punch buttons. Children will have a great time right off being able to talk to each other. Perfect for any age, not just kids. They would work great for adult needs as well.

Best Pros:  Very durable and Rechargeable

christmas gifts for boys-RT628

RA617 3Packs Walkie Talkies

This is an excellent set of affordable walkie talkies with lots of features. It features ten different ringtones. There is a backlit LCD, an auto channel scan feature, hands-free, and a power-saving function that works. Its built-in flashlight allows children to see the screen both in the dark and under bright lighting. You will get 3 packs with different colors together, which will be suitable for household with many kids. Adults and kids can have fun with these. Very suitable for birthday parties, hiking, skiing, traveling, etc.

Best Pros: Colorful colors and 3 packs

christmas gifts for boys-RA617

Thank you for reading this blog! If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. We are looking forward to your comments!

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