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Warm Companion, Love You As Ever

Warm Companion, Love You As Ever

There used to be a little boy whose parents were forced to live with his grandfather because of going abroad. Quarrels often occur due to different living habits. Moreover, little boys are often laughed at by children because they cannot integrate into rural life.

Whenever the little boy came home crying, it was the grandfather who came forward to teach the children who bullied the little boy. Even so, the little boy still did not want to talk to his grandfather.

The little boy was silent like this.

Whenever school is over, he sits on the top of the hill, waiting for his parents to pick him up...

Grandpa couldn't bear to watch his grandson go down like this.

Once at the market, I saw a telescope and an owl-designed walkie-talkie toy. I wanted to buy it back to make my grandson happy. But the children’s parents are not allowed to buy plastic toys for their children, saying they hurt their bodies.

At this time, the salesperson said a word, and grandpa happily paid the money and took the walkie-talkie home.

The walkie-talkie not only brought a smile to the face of the depressed grandson, but also the walkie-talkie became a communication channel between the grandson and grandson. Grandpa told the boy to use the walkie-talkie to communicate when eating, getting up, and going home.

Slowly, the grandfather and grandson got used to the way of intercom communication, and the relationship eased. The two had a tacit understanding...

Time passes in sunrise and sunset...

On this day, the little boy’s parents came and wanted to take the boy home. Seeing the walkie talkie in the child's hand, he not only complained about his grandpa, but said that the toy was poisonous. Grandpa said nothing, and went back to the bedroom silently.

The little boy and his parents returned home......

When packing the boy’s luggage at night, he found a note left by his grandfather:
When I bought this walkie-talkie toy, the salesperson said that the material of the walkie-talkie was ABS, and no toxic substances had been found. Suitable for children. I hope this walkie-talkie can warmly accompany you around and love you as ever.Best RetevisRT30.

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