Back to School Gifts: 3 Toy Walkie Talkies On Sale Under $15

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Back to School Gifts: 3 Toy Walkie Talkies On Sale Under $15

Back to School Gifts: 3 Toy Walkie Talkies On Sale Under $15

As the summer holidays come to an end and the new school year begins, it's time to start thinking about back to school gifts for kids. Then how to save money and buy gifts perfect for money? Go on to read, I'm glad to introduce three back-to-school toys for kids less than $15.

RT30M Cartoon Mouse Walkie Talkie $11.99

This little mouse with big LED flashing ears and round belly. Two buttons, one to talk and the other to call. Small overall dimension with 3.9×1.8×1.2 inch and light weight with 55g are easy for kids to take and play for a long time, while not feeling tired. They are small but really cool and fun! Two colors, yellow and blue, are available. Perfect for ages 3–5 years old. 


RB16 Cartoon Piggy Walkie Talkie $13.99

This cartoon piggy walkie talkie is good for kids around 3 years old. With two colors in cartoon style, the lovely piggy walkie talkie has a soft nose to press as a PTT button.  Just push the nose to talk, it is the simple operation for kids to use. Children will also get cute stickers which can be used for decorating everything they like. Mom and dads can decorate with children, which is a good way to enhance parent-child interaction.


RT37 Purple Light Walkie Talkie $14.99

This lightweight walkie talkies has 6 different colors, good for boys and girls around 7 years old. Among six colors, the color favored by girls is purple, while the color favored by boys is sky-blue. If there are boys and girls in your family, why not consider this radio as a back to school gift. It is very fair to give children in one family the same toys but different colors. For a big family with many children of the same age, this kind of fairness is very necessary.


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