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How to choose toys for your 3 years old kids?

How to choose toys for your 3 years old kids?

We know that  3-year-old child, every day in change, every day in progress, their knowledge and experience, the ability to understand things, social skills, language, thinking, everything is moving forward. 

We need pay more attention to the kids when they are in 3 years old, cultivating their good behavior habits, and Pay attention to the cultivation of thinking and communication skills. 

When their in 3 years old, they will start to show great interest in toys, when choose the toys, we need Not only think about material and security, 

But also consider toys that are fun and instructive.

How to choose toys for your kids? and what the playtips do we have?

1.      Protect your child's curiosity.

     Discover your kids interests and talents, develop your child's sense of competence, and lay the foundation for hard work, resilience, and self-esteem.

     If children's exploration, original behavior and imagination are laughed at by parents, then children will form a sense of guilt and gradually lose self-confidence. 

     If children are controlled too strictly, they will gradually lose the initiative to create a happy life, and lack of creativity and goals.

2.      Find new and different.

     Expose your kids to a wide range of topics. 

     If she are interested in a particular subject, you can get related books and videos from the library or search the internet for facts about it.

3.      Experiment.

      You can help your child try out all the different things a toy does. Notice which activities she seems most comfortable with. 

      Repeating things again and again is a normal part of learning.

4.      Heuristic problem. 

     Give your child's budding reasoning skills a boost with a junior version of "Twenty Questions." 

     Think of a person, place or thing and have him ask you Yes or No questions to discover what it is. 

     "I'm thinking of something we ate for lunch today." ("Is it round? Is it red? Is it crunchy?") Reverse roles so he answers the questions.

5.      Let’s play. 

Find age-appropriate games on children's websites. Using the keyboard can improve your child's fine-motor skills, which he'll use a lot in kindergarten.

6.      That’s my name! 

Show where the letters of her name are on a computer keyboard and let her type them. Print it out and post it on the fridge. In time she'll recognize the individual letters and see how they're grouped to form her name.


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