Retevis R625 NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Home radio

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Retevis R625 NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Home radio

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The Retevis portable NOAA alert radio will help you automatically scan 7 available weather (WX) band channels, and can broadcast

weather information accurately in real-time. When the National Weather Service issues severe weather warnings or warnings, the

TR625 will automatically remind you so that you can take appropriate action or seek asylum to protect yourself and your family

Multiple alarm forms

Adopt a mixture of voice alarm and text alarm. With the red light flashing, even the hearing impaired people can quickly know the occurrence of the


The alarm type can be set

You can set the type of disaster you want to be alerted to and the area to be warned according to your needs, and you can also set up multiple warning


Support equipped with external antenna

Configure external antennas to enhance the signal reception effect in remote areas in the field, inside buildings, or basements

Easy to carry

You can easily bring the radio into the basement, hide in the cellar and other evacuation places, and listen to the progress of the disaster in real time

External alarm connection

It can be connected to external alarm equipment or a building alarm system to help some disabled people use it

Multiple power supply methods

The plug-in function ensures that NOAA products’ alarms are on standby 24 hours a day; dry batteries are installed to prevent power failure

when disaster strikes

Note: S.A.M.E. alert programming sounds an alert only when specific counties are threatened

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