When Should Kids Wear Ear Protection?

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When Should Kids Wear Ear Protection?

When Should Kids Wear Ear Protection?

At the present, it is important to make sure you are protecting your child's hearing from loud and damaging noise. The time to start protecting your child's ears is when they are still an infant.

Newborn babies can be exposed to loud sounds, such as music played at a high volume or a loud television. Loud noise can damage a baby's hearing and cause permanent hearing loss. Therefore, it is essential to try to limit the amount of noise your baby is exposed to.

Once your child is older, it is critical to start wearing ear protection in certain situations. Ear protection should be worn when a child is exposed to loud noises, such as concerts, sporting events, motor vehicles, or loud machinery. It is especially important to wear ear protection when using power tools, such as lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

When choosing ear protection, it is significant to pick a product that is comfortable and fits properly. Your child should be able to wear the ear protection for extended periods of time without feeling uncomfortable. It is also important to make sure the ear protection fits snugly so that it can block out loud noises. Retevis EHN009 Earmuffs are made from comfortable and durable materials, and feature a noise reduction rating of NRR 20dB for superior hearing protection. Suitable for ages 5–15 years old, these earmuffs are adjustable to fit kids head sizes and are perfect for use at school, concerts, sporting events, hockey race, and more.


Finally, it is critical to teach your children how to use ear protection correctly. Make sure they know how to properly put on and take off the ear protection. They should also be instructed to wear the ear protection at all times when in a loud environment.

Overall, it is influential to make sure your child’s hearing is being protected from loud and damaging noise. It is best to start protecting your child’s ears when they are still an infant. Once your child is older, they should wear ear protection when exposed to loud noises. It is significant to make sure you choose ear protection that fits properly and that your child is instructed on how to use the ear protection correctly.

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