EHN009 Folding Adjustable Noise Reduction Earmuffs For Kids

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EHN009 Folding Adjustable Noise Reduction Earmuffs For Kids

1. Noise Cancelling Kids Safety Earmuff
2. Soft and Adjustable Anti-Slip Headband
3. ABS Shell and Anti-Sound Sponges
4. Designed for Ages 5-15 Years Old

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EHN009 Folding Adjustable Noise Reduction Earmuffs For Kids

EHN009 Earmuffs are made from comfortable and durable materials, and feature a noise reduction rating of NRR 20dB for superior hearing protection. Suitable for ages 5–15 years old, these earmuffs are adjustable to fit kids head sizes and are perfect for use at school, concerts, sporting events, hockey race, and more.


Noise Reduction

This product is designed for children to help reduce background noise in noisy environments, such as airports, busy streets, or concerts.


Comfortable to Wear

Plastic headband with 4-point suspension distributes cushioning pressure evenly; Supports long-wearing comfort.


Adjustable Headband

The earphone is designed with safety and comfort in mind, and has soft, flexible ear pieces that are gentle on the ears. It has an adjustable anti-slip headband that is lightweight and comfortable. 



Model: EHN009
Weight: 204g
Shell: ABS material
Type: Noise Reduction Earmuff
Available Age: 5–15 years old
Size: 130×85×170 mm/5.1×3.3×6.7 inch

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