RA36/RA636 Three-Color Family Packs Toy Walkie Talkies

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RA36/RA636 Three-Color Family Packs Toy Walkie Talkies

The Best kids walkie talkies for boys and girls 3packs. Also the best choice for family and adult.

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Retevis RA36/RA636 Kids walkie talkies family friendly radios, with lots of features like scan, LCD, channel select and etc. The best toy gifts for boys and girls.

Retevis RA36/RA636 Kids walkie talkies family friendly radios

     1.FRS band with 22 preset channels/PMR446 band with 16 preset channels

Retevis RA36 is the license-free radio, FRS band with 22 preset channels, and Retevis RA636 is the license-free radio with PMR446+LPD433 band totally with 85 channels. No license or Service Fees. You can use the radio directly out of the package, no need to program. 

     2. USB Charging Walkie Talkies

RA36/RA636 offers the USB charging cable. Make the RA36/RA636 more convenient to charge anytime, anywhere. You can charger your RA36/RA636 two way radio by PC, Car charger or power bank.

    3. LCD Display

Help you easy to view the RA36/RA636 radio display, to know more information like the channel number, CTCSS/DCS code, power status and so on.

    4. Suitable for Kids Adults and family

Retevis RA36/RA636 is a great communication tool for family and kids. No matter skiing on the mountain or camping in the woods, or even talk with kids at home. Also It's perfect for adults outdoor adventures, such as boating, camping, hiking, fishing, skiing and so on. The best kids walkie talkies family friendly radios.

   5. Compatible with most brands FRS/PMR two-way radios

Compatible with most FRS/PMR446 band two-way radios in the markets. No need license and calling cost. 


  1. Auto scan
  2. Backlight of LCD
  3. Roger Beep Tone
  4. Monitor select
  5. Channel select
  6. Low battery detect
  7. Call tone select
  8. Key tone select
  9. Lock key select
  10. Call Alert Tones
  11. CTCSS/CDS select
  12. VOX select
  13. LED for night light
  14. Volume adjustment
  15. Support charging via audio jack




Channel Capacity


Output Power




Battery type

4xAAA Alkaline/rechargeable batteries(Not included)

Antenna type

Fixed antenna

Battery Voltage


Operating mode

Half-duplex communication

Temperature range

-10 ~ +55 Celsius






Squelch sensitivity

8to12 dB SINAD

Modulation receiving bandwidth


Intermodulation Response

>56dB @+/-12.5KHz BW

Spurious Emission


Audio frequency response

Per TIA/EIA standard

Spurious Response Rejection



Output Power


Modulation distortion

< 5%

Audio Frequency Response

Per TIA/EIA standard



Maximum frequency offset


Current Drain


Spurious Emission


Adjacent Channel Power


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